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Location type: Garden
Location address: 36316, Vigo, Plaza de los Leones s/n
Number of texts: 2
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Bison bison
The American bison or buffalo was the primary source of food for Native Americans that hunted for their meat, skin, bones, etc., But always with great respect and admiration for their qualities, and thanks for all the benefits .
It is estimated that they could expect to live 7 million copies but with the arrival of the Spanish were hunted almost to extinction in the nineteenth century, leaving only 750 copies in 1890.
Bronx Zoo in the U.S., kept a pack survivors, which was restored population of Yellowstone National Park and other reserves. Currently there are approximately half a million individuals.

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They have a dark brown coat during the winter and a lighter brown color during the summer. They can measure up to 1.80 m high and 3 m long and weigh up to 1400 kg. Both male and female have small curved horns used to fight in mating season and as a defense.

They mate in August and September giving birth to a single calf after 9 months of gestation. This is kept for a year, but reach maturity at 3 years of life, and life expectancy is 18 to 22 years.

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