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Hector Francesch

In the 90 Eduardo Mendoza uses the journey of an alien (Gurb) to Barcelona to show us his vision of the Olympic Spain. It's the same tone devoid of confidence, cool and surprised, Hector Francesch has chosen to create their particular learning novel. In "Sometimes I see it," the painter Coruña sums up his view of society through a gallery of anonymous people (with real problems) that share space with celebrities like Lola Flores or fictional characters like SpongeBob. This combination addresses the front surreal, with courage, issues over the past year have been front-page news.

And it has as few Francesch assume the multiple elements that constitute our visual culture, to build a living language in which the fusion between the pictorial tradition, film, design, or the world of advertising creates a fully coherent speech attached our reality. Francesch speeches like dismantle the idea of ​​those who predicted the death of painting, allowing it to continue witnessing our memories and enjoying perfect health.

By Nuria Blanco


Copyright: All rights reserved

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C/ Olmos 12
15003 A Coruña

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