Torre del Micalet - Sala de campanes

Behind this door we discover the bells' room, which keeps the 11 liturgical bells that the bell ringers of "Campaners de la Catedral de Valencia" cultural association ring by hand many days along the year.
The room is open for visits only during bell chimes, but at the and of this text you will find an audio and a video. You can also see the chimes calendar:
There are 11 bells in the room since the XV century. Medieval documents talk about the "els cinc senys i les sis morlanes" (the 5 big bells and the 6 small bells). These are used for daily, feast, death and special signals. For the "Vols" (swinging bells) only the five biggest bells are used.
The most ancient bell is the Caterina, dating back from 1305, and being the oldest bell still into use in the formet Crown of Aragon; on the other other hand, the newest one is the Violant (1735). The other "tiples" or small bells are la Úrsula (dating back from 1438), la Bàrbera (1681), el Pau (1489) and l´Arcís (1529). The big bells are el Vicent (from 1569), l´Andreu (1604), el Manuel (1621), el Jaume (1429) and la Maria (1544).
This group of bells is one of the largest groups of the State with a gothic epigraphy (9 of the bells are gothic): La Caterina, el Jaume, l´Úrsula, el Pau, l´Arcís, el Vicent, l´Andreu la Maria, and the Micalet, located at the terrace.


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