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  1. FR | Race cycle route
    | 408 km | EN, NL, FR

    This is the route the Think-Pink ladies used in 2019, cycling from Paris to Brussels. The route runs entirely on paved areas and as much as possible on car-free roads. That is why it is not the shortest route, but it is a very pleasant road.

  2. FR | Cycle route
    | 479 km | EN, NL, FR, DE

    The Tour de Gironde by bike brings you from the Landes to the Atlantic Ocean, passes by the various vineyards of the region aswell as the famous Arcachon Basin. This great loop of around 500 km is securised for nearly 90% of its length.

    Official website : en.francevelotourisme.com

  3. FR | Cycle route
    | 687 km | EN, NL, FR, DE

    The Voie Bleue - Moselle-Saône à vélo is a French cycle route of about 700 km starting on the outskirts of Luxembourg and descending south to the city of Lyon. It follows the meanders of the Moselle, then the Vosges Canal and finally the Saône.

    Official website : https://www.lavoiebleue.com/

  4. FR | Motorcycle route
    | 195 km | EN, FR, DE

    Beautiful walk from Barcelonnette via Digne-les-Bains and Le Col D'Allos.

  5. FR | Hiking route
    | 3.21 km | EN, NL

    Walk through the Grotte du Déroc and visit the Grotte du Louoi (Accessible between April 15th and November 1st)

    Pay attention! This is not a standard walk! This walk includes a 350 meter long cave. You should not be afraid of crawling on your knees through a narrow passage.
    You must also be agile. In particular, the descent after the visit to both caves is not a standard walking path but a steep rocky path where a tree is often a nice aid to support.

    A rough sketch of the route through the Grotte du Déroc has been added under "Route information".

    This walk can only be made between April 15 and November 1 due to the breeding season of the bats.
    Do not go out during or after a rain shower. Also do not go out at a high water level. Don't forget a flashlight!
    The passage through the Ibie is not accessible at high tide.
    With children you have to pay extra attention during the descent.

    A straight line is drawn in the route map between the entrance and the exit of the Grotte du Déroc. There is no GPS coverage here. The walk through the cave is flat and mainly straight forward.

    You can park your car near the starting point. If you are staying at the campsites Le Vieux Vallon, Ardechois or Rives d'Arc, you can walk from the campsite to the Old Bridge over the Ibie river and use it as a starting point.

    Route information:
    750m Take the path up to the right
    1000m Entrance Grotte du Déroc (low passage and then left around the corner a slightly lower passage, followed by a flat walk in a surprisingly spacious cave)
    1300m Exit Grotte du Déroc
    1350m Entrance / Exit Grotte du Louoi (the entrance is also the exit, the cave is about 250 meters deep)
    1350m Start of the descent
    1800m End of descent (left back to starting point or follow route through the dry river Ibie)
    1900m Dry river Ibie
    2100m Climb out of the Ibie and follow the footpath next to the Ibie
    2800m old bridge over the Ibie

    That was an adventure to remember!

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The first French bicycle network via nodes extends over the Leie valley & French-Flemish hills. Good for a total of 270 nodes and more than 830 km of cycling fun along the most beautiful spots.

The network connects seamlessly with the Belgian nodes. You can cycle across the 'schreve' (the border) without any problems and have an authentic experience along windmills, memorial sites of the Artois, the banks of the Lys, the Audomarois nature reserve and so much more.

To the network Leie Valley & French-Flemish hills

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