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  1. Recreational walking route
    FR | Recreational walking route
    | 14.3 km | EN
    This challenging three-hour walk let you climb two hills to give you a panoramic view of the radial structure of the beautiful area known as the Étang de Montady. You walk through the heart of the Étang de Montady and learn all about the history of this place, closely linked to the UNESCO world heritage Canal du Midi.
  2. Recreational walking route
    FR | Recreational walking route
    | 23.3 km | EN
    This walk offers you more than a dozen science stories linked to Paris. It takes a complete day! But you might like to split the walk in several days and combine it with visiting one of these places.
  3. Race cycle route
    FR | Race cycle route
    | 106 km | EN
    The essence of Paris-Roubaix guides you over the last 100 km of this icon of a cycling classic. It shows you all the famous cobble streets and ends at the infamous cyclodrome of Roubaix.
  4. Touring motorcycle route
    FR | Touring motorcycle route
    | 341 km | EN
    This route takes you to the location of the village of Asterix, as estimated from a map in the album "Asterix and the Banquet". It let you discover the amazing beauty of Brittany.
  5. Recreational walking route
    FR | Recreational walking route
    | 3.1 km | EN
    Short walking route to Mont Mahoux. This is only one way. So you still have to walk back.
  6. Recreational cycle route
    FR | Recreational cycle route
    | 41.8 km | EN
    This route starts in Rochefort and brings you to the fortified town of Brouage. In 2017, Brouage was classified as one of "Les Plus Belles Villages de France".

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