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  1. Cycle route
    FR | Cycle route
    | 78.6 km | EN
    seillans ampus draguignan
  2. Race cycle route
    FR | Race cycle route
    | 21.2 km | EN, FR
    Climb of Mont Ventoux from Bédoin (south): You climb 1610m over 22 km of road. It was on this ascent of th eMont Ventoux that in 1967, on July 13,the English cyclist Tom Simpson died of heart failure.
  3. Race cycle route
    FR | Race cycle route
    | 65.1 km | EN
    Starting avenue des Becs in Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez. 100% road. Ride first six km on the road parallel to the gravel bicycle path. This part together with the scenery passage along the beautiful coast line...
  4. Walking route
    FR | Walking route
    | 3.03 km | EN
    A great evening walk from Puech Blanc, 45 minutes. Nice stroll with view over the vineyards
  5. Hiking route
    FR | Hiking route
    | 38.1 km | EN
    Start at Cassel, following the red-white stripes to Buyscheure

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OpenCyclemap is now also available in the RoutePlanner of RouteYou. Open CycleMap is a subset of OpenStreetMap providing specific information about cycling such as long distance cycle paths, node networks,...

It is great to use this as a background layer when you plan your cycle routes. OpenCycleMap is available as map layers in the RoutePlanner (zie figure)

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