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Abbey Street gives us a true taste as to how Medieval Armagh may have looked, as this narrow and winding street was established as part of the original medieval town layout.
Along this street you will find nestled rather inconspicuoulsly, Armagh's Methodist Church. 
This building dates back to 1786 when it was founded by the creator of Methodism, Mr. John Wesley. The original building served the congregation until the present church was built in 1835 with the facade we see today being added in 1888.
Housed inside the church are the names of all who died in the tragic train accident of 1889. The church was holding its annual Sunday School excursion to Warrenpoint. A reported 1,200 people were in attendance and it was the extra weight on the carraiges that caused it to roll back down the hill towards Armagh, colliding with the following schedualed passanger train.
However, it was somewhere else along this ancient street that played host to a Royal visit when it is believed that James II took cover at an inn when on his way to Drogheda for the battle of the Boyne!

Copyright: All rights reserved

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