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  1. Hiking route
    GR | Hiking route
    | 7.34 km | EN
    Hike from the village of Eggares via small and car free paths to the village of Kinidaros. Take care you still have to come back teh same way. Or you can ask for a taxi in Kinidaros to take yo uback along...
  2. Touring motorcycle route
    GR | Touring motorcycle route
    | 112 km | EN
    This trip shows you the NE part of the island Naxos. It brings you to the remote bay of Panermos
  3. Hiking route
    GR | Hiking route
    | 8.08 km | EN
    Walk to the the Chapel of Kimisi Theotokou, near the village of Metochi. Discovering the hills around Chorto.
  4. Hiking route
    GR | Hiking route
    | 2.8 km | EN
    Challenging hiking route to the highest point of Naxos: Mount Zeus (1001m). This path approaches the mountain from the north side.
  5. Touring motorcycle route
    GR | Touring motorcycle route
    | 432 km | EN
    The area of Zagori is one of the most beautiful areas I saw in Greece. And great to discover by motorbike. SPlit this trip over several days so you can enjoy many stops along the mountain roads.

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This route from Roots magazine is a great example of why it is useful to be able to choose your background map as a Pro user. The default setting used is the Google Maps map (see below).

But with routes like this in areas like this you need a bit more detail to situate the route. And we offer this opportunity with a Pro account. There you determine what the user sees as the default map when they end up on your route. Read here more about this.



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