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  1. GR | Walking route
    | 6.04 km | EN, NL

    Mirtiotissa along the west coast

    Mirtiotissa beach is a special place to discover. The location of the beach is beautiful but not accessible by car.
    The bay, described by Lawrence Durrell as "perhaps the loveliest in the world" is protected by high rocks. It is best known as the only place on the island where nude sunbathing and wild camping are 'tolerated'. A few beach bars and a restaurant sell drinks and snacks.

    Along the way, a road goes up that ends at the monastery of Mirtiotissa, which is built on the slope of the 392 m high hill. The 15th century monastery takes its name from the myrtle bush under which a little shepherd girl found a Maria icon. The monastery is said to have been founded by a Turk converted to Christianity. The monk likes to show visitors around. The Maria icon in the church is decorated with gifts.

    The banana trees that grow here are exceptional for the island. Many orange trees also grow nearby.

  2. GR | Walking route
    | 5.51 km | EN, NL

    A city walk along the sandal maker of The Beatles, an Ouzeri where you can set your sausage on fire, the place where Chateaubriand and Lord Byron stayed and the toilets of Greek antiquity.These are a few of the places you will learn about along this walk. 
    A large number of famous places in Athens are also visited in this route, but the stories of those famous places can certainly be found in all travel guides. That is why this walk was built around 6 less known facts or places in Athens.

  3. GR | Walking route
    | 2.14 km | EN
    The walking route starts at the car park.
    A side note for hikers with a pram: this route is fully paved. A must-see attraction along this route: Marathon tumuli. A route with something extra.
  4. GR | Walking route
    | 5.47 km | EN
    This route guides you along some unpaved roads. If you avoid a rainy day, all roads are doable. There are some tough climbs along this route (but trained hikers will probably be laughing at this). GR trails coincide with this route.. The walking route starts at the car park.
  5. GR | Hiking route
    | 1.96 km | EN

    One of the finest - and longest - hikes that you can do in Zagóri is the crossing of the Víkos gorge: you can begin that walk in Monodéndri or in Víkos.
    There is also the splendid walk from Mikró Pápingo to Víkos.
    But if you have only a short time or if you find that these long hikes are too tiring, you could consider doing the short descent from Víkos to the source of the Voïdomátis, down in the gorge of Víkos: gorgeous views can give you a pretty good idea of the greatness of this gorge.

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