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  1. Touring motorcycle route
    GR | Touring motorcycle route
    | 34.1 km | EN
    This route takes you form the main port of Zakynthos to one of the most famous beaches in the world, and definitely the most famous shipwreck on a beach. You get to a view point but not to the beach itself. You can only get there by boat.
  2. Recreational walking route
    GR | Recreational walking route
    | 648 m | EN
    This short walks takes you from the railway station of Milies to the main square of Milies, one of the many top platias in Pelion. The railroad station of Milies is the end of the railroad track from Lehonia to Milies. It was designed by engineer Evaristo...
  3. Recreational walking route
    GR | Recreational walking route
    | 894 m | EN
    The SNFCC is one of the top places you should experience in or near Athens. The building has been constructed by the famous architect Renzo Piano.
  4. Hiking route
    GR | Hiking route
    | 172 m | EN
    Just less than 200m of the main road between Horo and Milina you can find the fantastic cave of the mythological centaur. You can even descend into the cave. The cave has a collapsed roof, so you have a lot of light inside. The first few meters of the...
  5. Touring motorcycle route
    GR | Touring motorcycle route
    | 97.8 km | EN
    The island of Lemnos is in the shape of a butterfly. And so is this route. This motortrip alllows you to discover a big part of the island, with just doing a very short road twice.
  6. Recreational cycle route
    GR | Recreational cycle route
    | 51.3 km | EN
    Discover the stories and landscapes related to wine in Lemnos. This cycling route is as well suitable for recreational cyclists (city bikes) and race cycling bikes.

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