Olympus mountain

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For the love of mankind, Prometheus stole fire from the Olympian gods and gave it to men. He taught man to work metal with it and taught them science and art. Prometheus was presented as a teacher and inventor, who taught people mutual respect and foresight.

Zeus had hidden the fire from mankind.

Zeus punished Prometheus and the people for stealing the forbidden fire from heaven. Prometheus was chained to a pillar in the Caucasus mountain range and every day the eagle Ethon came to peck out and eat his liver. At night the liver grew back, so that the torment could begin again. The nemesis meant to be eternal came to an end when the hero Herakles, with the approval of Zeus, killed the eagle during his eleventh work.

The punishment for humanity was also harsh. Zeus had the first woman made, Pandora, and sent her to Epimetheus with her beauty, charms, and wiles. This dimwitted Titan had been warned by his brother Prometheus not to accept gifts from the gods, but Pandora he accepted. She opened the jar she carried with her and released war, disease, poverty and other evils into the world. Only hope remained at the bottom.


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