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Melissani Cave

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Location type: Cave
Number of texts: 2
5 stars
Made by Dromos | Reference YouTube
Made by Dromos

One can witness one of the strangest geological peculiarities here at the lake of the Melisanni cave. Near the coast, there are water holes lower than sea level. The sea water disappears in these holes, called “Katavothris”. The first peculiar thing is that these caves don’t get filled up, since they are below sea level . The 2nd peculiar thing is that these water holes transport sea water under the island appearing 14days later at this lake in Melisanni cave, but that cave is ABOVE sea level. This is known because in 1963, Austrian geomorphologists added some purple dye to the water. The water appeared almost fifteen kilometers away in its semi-salted form. From there the water flowed in to the sea at the village of Karavomilos.

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Made by Dromos
Made by Dromos

Melissana Cave is a spectacular example of karst in the limestone rocks of Kefalonia. Almost like a dolina.

The roof of the cave collapsed and provides an opening for the light to reflect and create a heavenly blue lake.

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