Church Agios - Vasilios - Vasilitsi - Messinia

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The church towering over the village is named after "Agios Vasilios" (Saint Basil of Cappadocia , AD 329).

It is a formidable sight against the background of mostly low-lying traditional Greek houses.

Saint Basil of Cappadocia , together with his brother Gregory of Nyssa and his best friend Gregory of Nazianze, formed the core of the Cappadocian Fathers . These three Church Fathers from Cappadocia laid the theological foundations of the Divine Trinity, after the First Council of Nicaea (325), for Christian churches both in the East and West.

The Divine or Holy Trinity , Trinity, or Trinity is the theological view in many branches of Christianity that one God exists in three divine entities : the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. In this sense, the word is capitalized. Particularly important is the position that Jesus is both God and man.


Basil wrote, among other things, a monastic rule. Several liturgical prayers of Basil of Caesarea are known in the Orthodox rite.


Source: Willem Vandenameele

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Περιφερειακή Ενότητα Μεσσηνίας

Source: Willem Vandenameele

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