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  1. Hiking route
    IE | Hiking route
    | 2.03 km | EN
    More information on Openstreetmap.Inspired by OSM.Roads Appropriateness as Hiking route: Paved: (100% paved)Traffic load: (0% car free)Noise pollution: Landscape Characteristics Nature landscape: Urbanized area: Near water: Dominant direction() :10% :29% :14% :23% Above analysis can contain errors because of missing or incomplete information in our database. Help us improve the score of this route by answering the questions on following link.
  2. Hiking route
    IE | Hiking route
    | 34.1 km | EN
    The Ballyhoura Way (Irish: Slí Bhealach Eabhra) is a long-distance trail in Ireland. It is 89 kilometres (55 miles) long and begins at St John’s Bridge, near Kanturk, County Cork and ends at Limerick Junction, County Limerick. It is typically completed...
  3. Recreational cycle route
    IE | Recreational cycle route
    | 32.7 km | EN
    You'll find several great cycling routes in Bolleek, including this tour. No adventurous tracks along this route. This route goes along paved roads. There is little (no) chance you will be seeing cars along this route. This route is certainly not flat....
  4. Recreational cycle route
    IE | Recreational cycle route
    | 34.6 km | EN
    Solo-cyclist or in group? This remains a hard route. You won't die of boredom along this route. If you fancy a great cycling ride, this tour is certainly it!
  5. Touring motorcycle route
    IE | Touring motorcycle route
    | 48.1 km | EN
    This route is inspired by the poet WB Yeats. It takes you along the Glencar Waterfall and through the country of Yeats: Sligo. Discover on this route what the links are with this famous Irish poet.
  6. Recreational walking route
    IE | Recreational walking route
    | 480 m | EN
    Follow the footsteps of the great WB Yeats and visit the Glencar Waterfall, which he writes about in his poem "The Stolen Child". The path is paved, but at the end you have stairs.

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News item in the spotlight

We would like to introduce you to the lovely island of Lemnos (Greece ) and to the great website Nature Traveller.  The enthousiastic lady behind this initiative is Anta. She will show you during her walks the deeper connection to nature and her heritage.

Anta will guide you on thematic trails to learn how this bond to nature has developed on Lemnos island. Merge hiking, learning and enjoyment in an integrated experience, worth sharing with your own people. Experience your visit as a traveller and become a link in the world’ s cultural  chain. Have a look.

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