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  1. Touring motorcycle route
    IT | Touring motorcycle route
    | 118 km | EN
    Great roads, curvy, well kept. With this tour you can enjoy the beautiful scenic roads around the Spectacular Etna!
  2. Walking route
    IT | Walking route
    | 28.1 km | EN
    You'll encounter some nice and calm roads along this route. Some parts of the route are unpaved. A great route! My score: 9 (out of 10). If I had to summarize this route: recommended!
  3. Race cycle route
    IT | Race cycle route
    | 58.3 km | EN
    Cycling route leading you to and over the Devil's Bridge in Borgo a Mozzano from Lucca.
  4. Walking route
    IT | Walking route
    | 26.4 km | EN
    Enjoy the views on the region during this route! If you enjoy water, you'll certainly enjoy this route. All in all it's a great route.
  5. Race cycle route
    IT | Race cycle route
    | 87.7 km | EN
    There is little (no) chance you will be seeing cars along this route. Albisano is worth a visit. No need to worry. Not many places to stop for a drink along this route, but there are some.

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The castle of Walzin is an impressive castle above a meander of the river Lesse. Even Victor Hugo thought so, and he made a drawing of it in 1863. Check out some great routes passing this castle.

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