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  1. Touring motorcycle route
    IT | Touring motorcycle route
    | 176 km | EN
    This route takes you from Genoa, the birthplace of the famous violin and guitar player Paganini, to the tomb of Paganini in Parma. Paganini is known for his virtuoso violin playing, but he preferred to...
  2. Cycle route
    IT | Cycle route
    | 67.4 km | EN
    This Tour takes you along some nice places, including Dürrensee. Relax and enjoy. There is little (no) chance you will be seeing cars along this route. Discover the region along unpaved roads. Certainly...
  3. Recreational cycle route
    IT | Recreational cycle route
    | 28.7 km | EN
    La Via delle Legende is a ring route starting and ending in Duino. It leads you uphill to the village of Ceroglie. This version takes you over paved roads. Although this is the "easier" version, don't...
  4. Recreational cycle route
    IT | Recreational cycle route
    | 64.6 km | EN
    The "Ciclabile delle Dolomiti" is a long cycling path realized as a result from a project by the mountain community Centro Cadore and financed with the European plans of cross-border collaboration between...
  5. Walking route
    IT | Walking route
    | 47.4 km | EN
    Enjoy the calmth of unpaved roads along this route. Unwind in nature. Remember to enjoy the piece and quiet along with the water (Ahr). You will certainly be charmed by this route. Take your time for this...

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OpenCyclemap is now also available in the RoutePlanner of RouteYou. Open CycleMap is a subset of OpenStreetMap providing specific information about cycling such as long distance cycle paths, node networks,...

It is great to use this as a background layer when you plan your cycle routes. OpenCycleMap is available as map layers in the RoutePlanner (zie figure)

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