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The life electric - Como

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Author: Willem Vandenameele

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Source: wikimedia

The "The Life Electric" monument, in honor of Alessandro Volta, stands in the middle of the first basin of Lake Como, on the last rounded part of the breakwater opposite Cavour Square.
The architect Daniel Libeskind is the man behind the work: sleek, straightforward and very context-oriented. At about 16.50 m high, it resembles two sine waves opposing each other and plays with recurring curves and movement.
The work itself interweaves energetic and scientific elements with natural elements. It is the third post of the area, as it is located between the lighthouse of Brunate and the Temple of the Public Gardens, two other works that, not coincidentally, are dedicated to Volta.

"Life Electric is inspired by the electrical voltage that occurs between the two poles of a battery, Volta's great gift to humanity. The very form of this work is the result of my deep research into the representation of architectural energy. The work combines the natural elements of light, wind and water. An installation, a physical and ideal gateway to the twenty-first century".

Source: Willem Vandenameele

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