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  1. Walking route
    LU | Walking route
    | 4.5 km | EN
    Nice meeting you: Schifflange. You won't die of boredom along this route. There is little (no) chance you will be seeing cars along this route. This route guides you along some unpaved roads. If you avoid...
  2. Walking route
    LU | Walking route
    | 8.66 km | EN
    A beautiful tour through Beaufort. Some bumpy roads along this cycling route. A part of the route is unpaved. Take your time for this route.
  3. Walking route
    LU | Walking route
    | 17.4 km | EN
    You'll pass Hotel Auberge Rustique (hotel) along this route. You can start your tour there (or somewhere else). There is little (no) chance you will be seeing cars along this route. During this route you'll...
  4. Walking route
    LU | Walking route
    | 5.97 km | EN
    Experience the beauty of nature in this region. Enjoy the beautiful green spots of the region with this route. All in all it's a great route.
  5. Walking route
    LU | Walking route
    | 14.5 km | EN
    A coffee stop isn't an unnecessary luxury. It'll be hard tour. Discover the region along unpaved roads. There is little (no) chance you will be seeing cars along this route. No need to worry. Not many...

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It's the time of the year that city trips are getting very popular again. So that's why we want to help you a bit in your selection. Here are the top 20 walks in cities most checked by you on RouteYou. They all have amazing stories to tell:

  1. Ghent: Walking in Ghent

  2. New York: Sex and the CIty Tour

  3. Rome:Angels and Demons Walk

  4. Venice: Venice, an introduction walk

  5. Rome: An introduction Walk

  6. Washington: Washington D.C. major spots - tour

  7. Barcelona: The Shadow of the Wind tour of Barcelona

  8. Porto: Porto Introuction Walk

  9. Florence: Galileo Galilei walk through Florence

  10. Rotterdam: Rotterdam Hotel New York Walk

  11. Oslo: Oslo introduction walk

  12. Hamburg: Hamburg City Walk - an introduction to Hamburg

  13. Madrid: Madrid, an introduciton walk

  14. Cadiz: Cadiz introduction walk

  15. Berlin: Bourne Supremacy Tour in Berlin

  16. Cologne: Cologne Two Sides of the Rhine Walking Tour

  17. Berlin: Berliner Mauer (Berlin Wall) walk

  18. Berlin: Berlin Culture Tour

  19. Bruge: "In Bruge (it's in Belgium) - the movie - walk

  20. Florence: Top things to know and see in Florence in less then 10 km

Berlin is the absolute top city having 3 routes in the top 20.

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