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  1. Recreational cycle route
    LU | Recreational cycle route
    | 21.5 km | EN
    Discover the nicest cycling roads in Garnich. Keep in mind that you will pass some hikers. This route coincides with a GR trail. Admire the awe-inspiring sights along this route, including Lycée Technique Josy Barthel. The cycling route starts at the car park.
  2. Walking route
    LU | Walking route
    | 4.9 km | EN
    The walking route starts at the car park.
    A beautiful tour through Eischen. Discover the region along unpaved roads. In a nutshell: hiking is the creed of this route.
  3. Walking route
    LU | Walking route
    | 7.1 km | EN
    You can start this route everywhere, but this castle (Aspelt Castle) is certainly a good place to start. Some parts of this route coincide with a long-distance cycling trail. The walking route starts at the car park.. Nice stretches of road along this route.
  4. MTB route
    LU | MTB route
    | 99.3 km | EN
    Mountainbike variant of the Saint-James hiking route going from Trier to Thionville passing Luxembourg. This route is a part of the camino network going to Santiago de Compostella.
  5. Walking route
    LU | Walking route
    | 6.56 km | EN
    The largest part of this walking route goes through Belvaux. This route takes you along some unpaved roads. Use the public transport to reach this route. The walking route starts at the car park.

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