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  1. LU | Walking route
    | 10.3 km | EN

    > Septfontaines (LuxemburgsSimmerDuitsSimmern) is een dorp en voormalige gemeente in het Luxemburgse Kanton Capellen. Septfontaines telde 360 inwoners op 1 januari 2018.


    Op 1 januari 2018 is de gemeente Septfontaines gefusioneerd met buurgemeente Hobscheid en zo deel geworden van de nieuwe gemeente Habscht. De gemeente had een totale oppervlakte van 14,96 km2 en omvatte behalve de hoofdplaats de plaatsen Greisch (Gräisch), LéisbechRoodt-sur-Eisch (Rued), Simmerfarm en Simmerschmelz.

    Bron: wikipedia.org/wiki/Septfontaines

  2. LU | Walking route
    | 10.6 km | EN
    The walking route starts at the car park.
    Some nice walking paths and tracks in Bech. For the cyclists on a race bike: this route is fully paved. This tour coincides with a GR trail.
  3. LU | Recreational walking route
    | 15.2 km | EN, NL, FR, DE

    On this fascinating tour you can admire many nature-created things as well as wonderful nature impressions. Until the 1950s, there was no reservoir here. As a small stream, the Our made its turn around Bivels, which then looked very different. The St. Nicolas also had a hilltop. The landscape bears witness to one of the most impressive building projects in Luxembourg in the mid-20th century. This is almost invisibly one of the largest pump-driven power stations in Europe. Deep below our routes, the masses of water rustle in huge pipes between the reservoir and the upper basin on Mont St. Nicolas. Many older mining stories tell the copper mine in Stolzemburg. In addition to all the technical fascination, this tour also offers the most beautiful motifs for postcards from the distant surroundings.

  4. LU | Walking route
    | 10.7 km | EN
    Fall in love with the region (Mamer). Enjoy the route. Some bumpy roads along this walking route. A part of the route is unpaved. The walking route starts at the car park.. In a nutshell: hiking is the creed of this route.
  5. LU | Walking route
    | 6.56 km | EN
    Nice meeting you: Belvaux. Low emission mobility: public transport and walking. The walking route starts at the car park.. You can start at a train station (Belvaux-Soleuvre railway station). You'll pass Hotel Mia Zia (hotel) along this route. You can start your tour there (or somewhere else).

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