Adventurous Berdorf - splits, caves and viewpoints

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Description by the author

We traveled several routes in this area and saw many beautiful places. We love adventure and variety and often only walk on the main paths. When we walk here, we also like to hike through some crevasses. And there also seem to be caves. Well, we'd love to discover them. Everything, of course, is impossible, but preferably a lot of everything. On the way home, we read the GPS and set up a nice adventurous walk that combines beautiful viewpoints with a walk through crevices and the discovery of caves.

The hike starts at an easily accessible parking lot in Berdorf. In front of the fire brigade and next to the cemetery. If you want to stay here for a few days, Camping Martbusch is just around the corner. We hike along the edge of the forest in the direction of Kanzel (Priedegstull), which we reach after about 1.6 km of walking. Here is a bench to enjoy the view. We are not in the pulpit itself, we see it on the other side of the street. We continue hiking over an iron bridge over a gorge.

At km 2.7 we turn towards a cave. It's a cul-de-sac, so we'll be staying here again. The cave is not named, but very pleasant to visit. The cave has a depth of 55 meters and with a flashlight there is a lot to discover.

If we go further, we will see another bench on the right. From this bench you have a beautiful view of the alley with bridge. The route continues on the bridge, but deviates from the main path. After the bridge, we lean to the right to enter a gorge via a staircase. We go upstairs via an iron staircase. We then go left and right through the crevasses to descend the rocks via different steps. Once at the bottom, the entrance to Rovershol (Raiberhiel) awaits us.

The entrance to Rovershol is indicated by a blue and white arrow. It is a narrow passage and after about ten meters you also have to bend significantly. After overcoming this obstacle, we walk a few meters and stand in front of an iron staircase in the middle of the thieves' den. A flashlight is very useful here. Through the iron stairs we reach the exit of the thieves' den, where the GPS picks up the signal again.

We continue our hike along the rock formations and through a wide gorge. At km 3.1 we climb in front of the Devil's Island viewpoint. Again we walk on a small metal bridge over a deep gorge. Back I reach the throat, we slowly descend and before we know it, we are a good 100 meters further in the death chamber. For those who want, there is a bench to rest. After that, we continue to go down to turn right at the bottom.

This is followed by a beautiful route along numerous rock formations and about 4 km from the starting point we enter the climbing area of Berdorf. Very nice to see all the climbing activities. At km 4.3 we make a small detour through a gorge that is part of the Jean Siebertz trail. A small maze of narrow corridors that are numbered. Here you can try to make an additional detour. Not mandatory, it is not part of the hiking route, so you don't necessarily have to cross it. The narrowest corridor is 30 cm wide.

We continue hiking along various rock formations and at km 4.8 we reach the Berdorfer Kasselt viewpoint and at km 6.5 we pass the Mandrac Passage. Enough benches along the way to rest. Via the Kalekopp 6.9 km from the starting point, we turn and slowly return to the parking lot along various gorges and rock formations. The paths get wider and wider, which is nice at the end of the walk. At km 9.5 there is a catering facility.

We hope you enjoyed this fantastic walk.

Don't forget to bring your flashlight!

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