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  1. Walking route
    NL | Walking route
    | 4.97 km | EN

    Walking tour of tourist attractions in Delft. Starts and finishes at Railway Station

  2. Recreational cycle route
    NL | Recreational cycle route
    | 30.4 km | EN

    Part of the Meuse Cycle Route. Starting point for this stage is a contemporary, welcoming town full of dynamism, leading you through the eight villages of the municipality of Aalburg towards the historical, fortified town of Woudrichem. The villages in the municipality of Aalburg are characterized by their authentic character where agritourism is fully represented.

  3. Cycle route
    NL | Cycle route
    | 102 km | EN
    Have fun!
  4. Recreational cycle route
    NL | Recreational cycle route
    | 20.2 km | EN

    Part of the Meuse Cycle Route. The stage starts in Rossum and has as its final destination Den Bosch. It is known as a magnificent fortress city full of monuments, but also as the city of art and contemporary high-tech companies. The city of great national renowned cultural events and the city where, after a great day of shopping, all you want to do it drop down in one of those brown café's, cozy and warmhearted.

  5. Hiking route
    NL | Hiking route
    | 13 km | EN

    13 km hike

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Grandmaster Thomas De Gendt recently gave 5 tips for "the lonely cyclist".
Number 1 states ' Mark a route in advance' because, and we quote, "You know where you will pass and you have goals along the way" .

He's right. After all, a route is only as good as what you encounter along the way. Not only the route but also the interesting places along the way contribute to the experience of a route.

At RouteYou we strongly believe in this ...

Did you know that you can have a route mapped out to specific locations? If you choose a 'nicest' routing tailored to your modus operandi, it can't go wrong.

Would you like to know how to do this?
Watch this video.

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