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  1. Cycle route
    NL | Cycle route
    | 17 km | EN
    Welcome in Hilversum! This bike route, marked for the majority with hexagonal ‘ANWB’ signs, is 17 km long. Although this route follows the hexagonal signs for the biggest part, attention is also given...
  2. Motorcycle route
    NL | Motorcycle route
    | 319 km | EN
    Start and finish in Delft, round trip in Zeeland all the way south to Veere. The average speed is around 50 - 60 km/h, so plan at least a full day. Enjoy the zeelandse roads! Route updated 2017-08-07:...
  3. Canoe/kayak route
    NL | Canoe/kayak route
    | 7.52 km | EN
    Nice canoe trip just outside Delft. Just take the tram to the last stop (Abtwoudse park) and walk 10 min. to the start. From there just follow the signs from point 55 to 54, 53,52,51 and back. Or just...
  4. Canoe/kayak route
    NL | Canoe/kayak route
    | 4.88 km | EN
    ONAK Demo day in Utrecht When? Sunday 22th of April at 14hWhere? Park Lepelenburg in Utrecht (The Netherlands)We will start with a demonstration of the ONAK canoe, followed by a short paddle on the city...
  5. Cycle route
    NL | Cycle route
    | 23.8 km | EN
    Lisa meets Grebbeberg

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For a while you could link videos to a POI. And you can link that POI with the video to your route. Check out a great example worked out by Joe for the Natalia route .

But if you have a video from your coplete route, linking a video to a POI is not an ideal solution. Much better is that you can link that video on your route without having to link it to a specific location.

A great example is created by the top author Fietsroutes in Beeld.

Try it out:

  • Go to your route
  • Click on the Pencil + Media
  • Select the option Youtube or Vimeo in Media and paste the URL.





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