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Built in 1924, the great tram overpass over the Gulp valley was located at Euverem.
The overpass was part of the line Gulpen-Margraten. Heading from Gulpen to Maastricht the line went across the locomotive shed (via the street called Tramweg) towards the southwest. At the westside of the Gulpenerberg (near the swimming pool Mosaqua) the tramline went between the Landsraderweg and Molenweg/Pesakerweg via an ascending slope (length approximately 700 meter) at the southwestern and southern side of Chateau Neubourg. The end of this slope was the eastern mole of the 612 meter long overpass. The overpass was made of 51 bridge parts, lying on 50 steel posts on a concrete foundation. The overpass' height varied between 8.5 to 17 meters and had to bridge the difference in height between both moles. The overpass spanned the valley and the gulp in a quite narrow bend. At the former fishing nursery the overpass crossed Euverem. The western mole was located northeast of the bungalow park at the end of the 612 meter slope.
In the middle of the slope a gateway was made for field-tracks to cross the line.


Euverem 28
6271 PK Gulpen

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