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Jacobus windmill


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The Jacobusmolen in Vessem is the largest grain windmill in the Netherlands in terms of flight (28.22 m). It is a round brick belt corn mill that was built in 1893.
A belt mill is a windmill that stands on a natural or artificially raised hill (millbelt), which takes over the function of the tower at a tower mill. In the hill a passage (entrance) was built on two sides, allowing for loading and unloading in the mill a horse and cart as a whole to drive inside and out again on the other side. In a number of cases there is only one passage in the belt on one side. In that case, horse and wagon ride backwards into the mill.
The name of the mill has nothing to do with Saint Jacob, but is derived from the miller Jacobus Peeters. The mill, which has always been nameless, did not obtain this name until the restoration of 1986. The mill was purchased in 1955 by the municipality from the widow Peeters. After restorations in 1969 and 1986, the mill is turning again.
Nowadays, the mill is managed by the De Vessemse Molen Foundation.



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