Steproute Around Maastricht

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Source: Stichting Open Kerken

50.7 km
163 m

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Last verified: 11 May 2023
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Welcome to beautiful South Limburg and especially to the municipality of Maastricht. Rondje Maastricht is a fun, cross-border cycling route, where you can drive straight into the green of the Maasvallei River Park from the center of Maastricht.

You first follow the Dutch green bicycle signs and then drive into Belgium where they use blue bicycle signs.

The center of Maastricht is more than worth it. The Burgundian Vrijthof, the Bonnefantenmuseum and the historic market are just a small selection of the sights you can discover here.

Scootering along the Meuse will not get bored either. The views are occasionally sensational and the tranquility a relief if you are normally used to a big city. Almost halfway you could make a stop at Brouwerij de Fontein in Stein. This beautifully situated brewery is wonderfully situated in the green. In winter it is good to stay here by the fireplace and in summer of course on the terrace.

The junction system ensures that you can easily find your way. You will be amazed by the beautiful nature, the beautiful views and of course the many terraces to take a break.


A complete cycle junction map with all South Limburg junctions in this region can easily be ordered via


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