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  1. NO | Cycle route
    | 31.7 km | EN, NL

    The beautiful lake in the Setesdal near Ose. During this bike ride it is enjoy from the beginning. What a beautiful nature and what a rest and what is enjoying all that beauty.

  2. NO | Recreational cycle route
    | 39.9 km | EN
    Nice meeting you: Oslo. Explore hotel Christiania Teater and its surroundings with this cycling route. A great route! My score: 9 (out of 10). The cycling route starts at the car park.
  3. NO | Recreational cycle route
    | 31.7 km | EN
    Fall in love with the region (Trondheim). Enjoy the route. Train station Selsbakk Station is located along this route. Take a break and visit the museum (Trondheim Science Museum). The cycling route starts at the car park.
  4. NO | Hiking route
    | 8.04 km | EN, NL

    This walk takes you to the top of the beautiful mountain "Strandheia" where you have a phenomenal view of the surrounding islands of the Vesteralen. There is sufficient parking space at the starting point of the walk. The route of this walk is completely marked and the path is very well maintained.

  5. NO | Hiking route
    | 9.77 km | EN, NL

    The spectacular climb requires fitness but also an early departure. It is a huge tourist attraction and very busy. The earlier you are, the better it is, otherwise you won't be able to really enjoy all the beauty on the road. Most tourists want to reach the top as quickly as possible and therefore miss a lot.

    The path is mostly formed by rocks and sometimes you really have to use hands and feet to get up or down. It is very busy on the rock itself and many are glorifying themselves with selfies on the edge, so taking beautiful photos is really not an option.

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