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  1. PT | Walking route
    | 11.6 km | EN
    The walking route starts at the car park.
    This route is also suitable for a pram. Paved roads along this route. Don't just pass by this monastery (Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha), but stop and enjoy an imposing construction. This route is certainly a must do when your in the region.
  2. PT | Walking route
    | 17 km | EN, NL

    We have called this route Track 0 because this route mainly goes through the city of Porto. You must be a fan of that. Most pilgrims start at the airport just outside Porto (see the following route: Track 1).

    If you spend the first afternoon or evening in Porto, go to a church - for example the Igrega do Terço - to get a stamp card and have the first stamp stamped there. This card (credential) can be stamped anywhere along the route. This is not only possible in churches but also in some shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels and refugios.

    In Santiago you can exchange the card for the Compostellum, a certificate confirming that you have completed the tour.

    The historic center of Porto is one big attraction. So plan a few extra days at the end of the route to get to know the city.

    If you don't mind walking more than 12 km through the city, this 17 km route is a good start.

    The video:

    With the attached video you can get a taste of what to expect day by day and track after track. We can already say that unless you get blisters you will enjoy.

  3. PT | Walking route
    | 6.32 km | EN, NL

    A walk through the old center of Lisbon, interspersed with fun tram rides.

  4. PT | Walking route
    | 13.3 km | EN
    The walking route starts at the car park.
    A tough ride. Be on the lookout for a coffee stop. No adventurous tracks along this route. This route goes along paved roads. A great route! My score: 9 (out of 10).
  5. PT | Walking route
    | 2.84 km | EN
    Explore by hikingAzinheira dos Barros e São Mamede do Sádão. The roads and paths of this route guide you through natural beauty. The walking route starts at the car park.. Some parts of this route coincide with a long-distance cycling trail.

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The first French bicycle network via nodes extends over the Leie valley & French-Flemish hills. Good for a total of 270 nodes and more than 830 km of cycling fun along the most beautiful spots.

The network connects seamlessly with the Belgian nodes. You can cycle across the 'schreve' (the border) without any problems and have an authentic experience along windmills, memorial sites of the Artois, the banks of the Lys, the Audomarois nature reserve and so much more.

To the network Leie Valley & French-Flemish hills

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