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  1. Hiking route
    PT | Hiking route
    | 15.2 km | EN
    If you're at Tavira and you might like some exercise in the form of a combination hike/boat trip, then this is a nice option for a morning or afternoon hike. You can either start in Tavira or leave your...
  2. Recreational cycle route
    PT | Recreational cycle route
    | 24.2 km | EN
    Exploring the ups and downs in Silves. Get a taste of nature during this route. Take your time for this route.
  3. MTB route
    PT | MTB route
    | 35.7 km | EN
    A true off road route, passing by some secrets lakes and some steep slopes but they will be quickly forgotten when you will enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of the Algarve.
  4. Race cycle route
    PT | Race cycle route
    | 634 km | EN
    Pilgrimroute for racebikes between Lisboa and Santiago de Compostella. The following cities are on the route: Lisboa, Vila Franca, Santarem, Pombal, Coimbra, Albergaria, Porto, Vigo, Pontevedra, Santiago...
  5. Hiking route
    PT | Hiking route
    | 13.2 km | EN
    This hike takes you to one of the most peculiar houses of Portugal. The hike starts and ends at the square of the small village of Pereira.

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This route from Roots magazine is a great example of why it is useful to be able to choose your background map as a Pro user. The default setting used is the Google Maps map (see below).

But with routes like this in areas like this you need a bit more detail to situate the route. And we offer this opportunity with a Pro account. There you determine what the user sees as the default map when they end up on your route. Read here more about this.



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