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Author: bikenode.brussels - The Brussels Bottom Up Cyclingnode Network



To be able to evaluate the BXL.Node.Netwok, a complete set of loops are created on top of the BXL.Node.network. This group contains these individual loops. All the loops cover the complete BXL.Node.Network. Each loop overlaps another loop (partialy).

Step 1: Cycle one or several loops

Please, try out (cycle) these routes. Just select one of the loops in the list below. Read here how you can execute these route: 

Step 2: Give feed-back

Let us know what you think of the loop (positive or negative).
You can give your feed-back about the route/loop as a comment/remark on each of the routes (loops). Read here how you can do that.

Mention the street or the position along the route from the start of the route (this is indicated if you move your mouse over the route).

Step 3: Stay up-to-date about the progress

You want to stay up-to-date about the activity in this group, make sure you become a member. This is how you can become member of a group.



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