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These walks were commissioned and in collaboration with the Eurode body. You can read about this on their website :

A government company

With effect from 1 January 1998, Kerkrade and Herzogenrath have formed a body governed by public law, ie the Public Entity Eurode. This body governed by public law has two governing bodies, namely the council and the executive board.

From a European perspective, Eurode is probably the first public-law entity between two municipalities from two different (Member) States.

The council of Eurode, also known as “Eurode council”, consists of eight members of the Kerkrade municipal council and eight members of the Herzogenrath municipal council. The mayors of Kerkrade and Herzogenrath take turns as chairman for 2 years.

The main difference with the earlier, informal “Eurode working group” is that there is now a legal entity and the participating municipalities of Kerkrade and Herzogenrath can impose obligations on each other. Unfortunately, citizens-binding decisions cannot yet be taken by the “Eurode Council”. To this end, under European law, use must still be made of an auxiliary construction, meaning that decisions of the “Eurode Council” must be ratified separately by the two municipal councils.

It remains to be hoped that additional treaties will provide a solution in the future.

The walks have been recorded by me on GPS and can be downloaded as a track. The routes have been published in full-color brochure and the 4th edition is now imminent. The brochure is available at the VVV, the HUB Library, the Municipal Office and various catering establishments. The routes are regularly checked, but of course something can always change. Please contact us so that the route can be (temporarily) adjusted.

Thanks to all who contributed to the creation of the brochure and these beautiful routes in the border area.

Have a nice walk.


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