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24 April 2024, 16:00

Author: RouteYou

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RouteYou launches a new app!

Find the most beautiful routes in an instant

With the RouteYou app, you automatically see the best recreational routes in your immediate area. A selection of the best routes filtered from the more than 8.5 million recreational routes available around the world.

The statistics, practical information and the detailed elevation profile outline a clear picture of what you can expect on your outdoor adventure. The routes are also enriched with interesting and informative points of interest. With text, photos and videos, you discover all kinds of interesting information along your route.

The statistics, practical information and detailed elevation profile paint a clear picture of what you can expect. The routes are also enriched with interesting and informative sights. You will discover many interesting facts along your route through texts, photos and videos.

Navigate in 3, 2, 1, ...

Have you found a route? The app uses the adapted Turn-by-Turn navigation to guide you faultlessly along every type of route. With the speech guidance you won't miss a single turn, even when your device is in your pocket.

For routes with nodes, you get unique instructions with a combination of node numbers and street names. That way you'll never get lost, even if a sign might be missing. We also guarantee smooth navigation by giving both the node to follow, as well as the next one. 

Seamless synchronization

The app is designed for simplicity and user-friendliness. But the many detailed options of the website are still available. The website and app work seamlessly together.

Routes you make on the web with the RouteYou route planner (www.routeyou.com) are automatically available in the app. That way, you can be creative and use the route yourself or let others use it in the app. You also have easy access to your saved routes.

In short, going exploring has never been as simple and fun!

Install the new RouteYou App for free and quickly find the way to your favourite routes. 

Download RouteYou Android app Download RouteYou iPhone app

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