Publish your route or keep them private

3 September 2008, 00:00

Author: RouteYou

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You can share your routes or keep them private, and in the mean time organise your routes by linking them to characteristics, themes and groups you created yourself. Jogging
'Mountainbike' and 'Jogging' are two of the most popular chracteristics.
Cycling classics
is one of the most pupular 'theme groups'
So what's new?

So far, you could only publish routes by linking them to public groups. It was not possible to organise your routes when you kept them private. Now, this is made much more easier. Just select the option public or private. And you can still link it to the groups you like. Even if you keep the routes private

Read how to publish a route or keep it private.
Read how and why it makes sense to link you route to groups and themes
Read how to create your own groups.

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