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Edit the info of your route directly

30 October 2009, 00:00

Author: RouteYou

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You can now edit the information of your route directly.

If you log on, you will see a p indicating you can edit your route.

You get three options (tabs at the right top)
  • Map: edit the route using the map (as you could do before)
  • Description: edit the description (edit it directly and save without going via the map mode)
  • Publish & link: indicate if you want to share your route or make it private, or link it to groups (as before)
Editing the desciption (or meta-info) of the route allows you to change the titel, language, route type description and difficulty level of your route.

The difficulty level you indicate is displayed on the statistics page of the route. Check out this example. Or read about the newsitem on that topic.

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