New release of the RouteYou App

30 October 2016, 00:00

Author: RouteYou


There is a new release of the RouteYou App. Maybe your smartphone allows to update the app automaticly but of course you can get the app on Google Play and App Store.


What's new on it?

  • searching routes is much faster an better
  • from now on you can login with your RouteYou account and
    • search routes in your own set of routes
    • so you enjoy an ad-free RouteYou App if you have a MyRouteYou Plus account (or higher).
  • you don't loose anymore older downloads when you download a new route
  • ...

Are you an organisation, toeristic service or company and have you a MyRouteYou Premium account or higher? Use the "content code": the perfect cheap App solution for your organisation:

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