New! Record your route with the MyRouteYou Mobile app (Android version)

1 December 2017, 00:00

Author: RouteYou


With the latest version of the MyRouteYou Mobile App for Android, you can now record your route, while following a route you selected. The recorded route will track your actual position and register deviations. 

You will notice the RouteView has a START-button (see image above). When you select the START-button, you get the option to record your route (or not). 

When you are done, press the STOP-button.

The route is now saved as a new, private route. 

An activity is automatically created. Your activity-overview allows you to see the total distance per type of activity, or how many times you were active.


You can still do much more with your recorded route on the RouteYou website: 

You can:

  • edit the track
  • add POIs
  • make the route public
  • change the title and description
  • share it with your friends

It's FREE! Download here the new version of the MyRouteYou Mobile App for Android.

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