My GARMIN complains about too many POIs !?

10 March 2020, 23:00

Author: RouteYou

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Users often contact us becaus they encounter problems with their GARMIN GPS because it is "full" with POI's.
POI's are Points Of Interest, freely translated as sights or locations .

There are two solutions for this:

1. Remove the PO'Is from your route before transferring the gpx to your GARMIN. Read here how to do that.

For us it feels a bit like 'carrying coals to Newcaslte' but it is a solution ... We would like to suggest another solution.

2. GARMIN stacks all POI's in a file. After a while, that file becomes "full" and then the error message pops up. Read here how to delete the file and thus the error message.

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