Tip: "How do I know if my route is over unpaved sections?"

19 March 2020, 23:00

Author: RouteYou

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As this photo shows, it is useful to know whether your route travels over unpaved paths or not.
RouteYou offers many possibilities to inform you about paved/unpaved.

In the route details

- If you look up a route on RouteYou, always read the Directions. Perhaps the author tells you something about the trajectory.
- Also take a look at the Route Information: the author can indicate whether a route crosses unpaved sections or not.
- Consult the Comments: another user can leave some feedback on the route. RouteYou also provides feedback here through an automatic analysis of the routes. The result shows how many kilometers paved/unpaved there is along the route. Read more about it here.

Contribute yourself

As a user

- If you know that a route contains unpaved parts, you can report this as a user via the "Comments" option. Read here how you can post a comment on the routes of others.
- As a user you can also add features to a route. You can find this option in the Route Information.

As an author

- Provide sufficient information in the description of your route. You can adjust that description via the basic data. Read more about it here.
- Don't forget to add features to your route. Read here how to do that.

When planning

- When planning, you can choose routing options that consciously avoid unpaved areas. " Race cycling - nicest" is a routing that does not send you along unpaved parts. Read more about the routing options here.
- When planning, many background maps are offered such as OSM, the topographic map, ... Each of these maps indicates unpaved paths in a specific way. More info here.

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