English RouteYou Academy on April 14

9 April 2020, 08:05

Author: RouteYou



Next Tuesday, on April 14 at 8 pm (CEST - Belgian time), there will be a RouteYou Academy given in English. This is an extensive introduction training for beginners. After this you will have an overview of all the posibilities RouteYou has to offer you, both basic and more advanced ones. 

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This training is FREE for users with a Plus Account (or higher). Otherwise the entry fee is €15. 

What can you expect in terms of content?

- how to find, create, plan and change routes
- how to make variations, choose a different starting point, merge routes, reverse routes, ...
- how to create points of interest, change them, link them to a route or remove them
- how to make routes public or keep them private
- how to forward a route to friends
- how to transfer routes to a gps
- ...

There is also some Q&A time included in the training. 

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