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18 May 2020, 08:50

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Source: Mio


Source: Mio

Last week Mio launched a new navigation system for cycling enthusiasts: the Mio Cyclo Discover series, consisting of Mio Cyclo Discover and Mio Cyclo Discover Plus.

"A cycling partner that provides ultimate cycling fun and convenience." - Steve Chang, President of MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation

What can you expect?

1. The largest full color screen on the market with a touch user interface. In this new Cyclo Discover series, Mio remains true to its own specific design: a main screen with large buttons for easy use of the basic and necessary functions.

2. Installed map material for all of Europe : 38 countries in total.

3. Mio's exclusive NeverMiss route planner tool. This allows you to plan your long-distance bike tour or walking route before the trip starts. You can easily add new places and comments, or even a web link to a route. As you approach a planned place along the route, the NeverMiss feature will display a notification screen. With your smartphone you can then easily scan the corresponding QR code to obtain additional information, provided you are connected to the internet of course.

4. The SurpriseMe Navigation: The ideal tool for creating routes over shorter distances. A surprise route will be made for you in no time. You can choose between a loop or a route from A to B. A great feature for those who have already cycled all routes in the vicinity and would like to be surprised.

5. And last but not least RouteYou integration. Data can easily be transferred to the navigation system. If you have saved routes as favorites in RouteYou, you can even synchronize them wirelessly via WIFI with the Cyclo Discover Plus.

Would you like to know more?

Visit the Mio website for more detailed information:

Mio Cyclo Discover
Mio Cyclo Discover Plus

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