Choose wisely!

11 July 2020, 06:00

Author: RouteYou

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Did you create a route on RouteYou? Or did you add an interesting place?
Great! we applaud you for that. 

Did you also discover how you can link themes and characteristics to your routes and places?
Even better. This will certainly improve the visibility of your content on our platform.

BUT - and there's a big but - temper your enthusiasm a bit . After all, routes and places with a total of more than 10 linked characteristics and themes are punished in our searches. We do this because some authors indicate almost all options in the hope of appearing in more searches. Understandable but also misleading for the end user.

Choose wisely

We therefore recommend that you make a selection of the most relevant topics and limit the total number of linked characteristics and themes to 8 or maximum 10.

This video shows where you can find the themes and characteristics, how you can search for them and how you can edit them.

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