Why you should know the IP code of your smartphone

21 April 2021, 22:00

Author: RouteYou

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Source: Sourav Mishra

You have undoubtedly wondered whether your smartphone is waterproof. To know that, it is best to Google the IP code of your telephone. The Ingress Protection Code or IP code of your smartphone is an indication of the dust and water resistance of your smartphone.

Code in two parts

The IP code consists of two parts (eg 67). The first part of 0-6 represents the dust tightness: 6 is completely dust tight. The second part of 0-9 stands for water resistance: 4 is already resistant to splashes and from 7 you can theoretically keep the phone under water. For more detail, read on here.

So quickly find out what the IP code of your phone is so that you know whether you can cycle or walk with your phone through all kinds of weather.

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