QR codes and RouteYou codes to share information

28 February 2023, 08:16

Author: RouteYou

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QR codes and their use are becoming more widespread. The white-black squares work like a barcode that you can scan with a digital camera. Using a QR reader, your smartphone or tablet translates the image into a URL that you can consult immediately. A convenient alternative for those who prefer not to use a QR code is the unique RouteYou code.

You can now find the codes on almost every RouteYou page via the share button. In this way we conveniently provide direct links to routes, points of interest, specific accounts, group pages, themes and feature pages.

The fact that they are so compact and easily accessible means that there are many applications for them. At RouteYou, we have been using them on our print options for many years, in order to offer a direct link to the online version of the route. But they are also useful in brochures, magazines, event posters, information boards and so much more.

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