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Why do we share our routes with photo albums on RouteYou?

I, Eddy really enjoy working with routes. Finding out if the trails are accessible due to private property, etc. Taking photos during the walk and once back home, figuring out which ones to publish, inventing a short description, looking up interesting sights and publishing them. All cool!

But the best part is still the walking itself. Fortunately, Rita and our dog Prins can always be found for a brisk and sometimes, less strenuous hike.

Rita and I can marvel immensely at the beauty of nature. It is this wonder and love for nature that we want to share in our RouteYou account.

We are not world improvers. We are of no use on the barricades. We are at our best in nature. Through our routes and photos we show a little bit that there is so much more than just problems and misery. So much beauty that is almost free. So much beauty that can feed the sentences and thoughts.

Nature is never far away, with a little effort it can always be reached.

Have fun with our routes and photos!

Eddy, Rita and Prinske

In the photo a beautiful piece of nature less than 500 meters from our home.

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