Residence of Diego Texeira, banker of Queen Christina.


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In Hamburg Queen Christina interrupted her journey from the 13th of July until the 1st of August 1654 (Julian calendar). She was the guest of her banker Diego Texiera, who lived at the Krayenkamp besides the St. Michael's Church. The stay caused commotion. Not only because Christina denied the invitation of the City Magistrate of Hamburg, but also because Texeira was a Jew. In reply to the criticism she stated that Jesus himself had conversed with Jews his whole life. On the engraving by Pieter Grooten from 1690 (fragment) the residence of Texeira is marked. Nowadays a tablet at the wall of nr. 13 at the same location reminds of riots during a later visit by Christina in 1667. On that occasion Christina fled through the backgate, later called the 'Christinenpförtchen'. Via the Großer Bäckergang (the curved street at the top) she escaped to the Swedish Embassy. Of all the buildings at the Krayenkamp on this picture only the St. Michaels's Church still exists. Now the Winklerstraße traverses the former garden of Texeira's garden.

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