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Naturhistorisches museum

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Location type: Museum
Location address: Österreich, Wien, Wien
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Made by Roxbly
Made by Roxbly

The Naturhistorisches Museum Wien (english: Museum of Natural History of Vienna) or NHMW is a large museum. The collections displayed cover 8,700 square metres (94,000 sq ft), and the museum has a website providing an overview as a video virtual tour.
The Museum of Natural History in Vienna is one of the important museums of the world, and the earliest collections of artifacts were begun over 250 years ago.
As of 2011, the museum houses approximately 30 million objects and the number is growing. Behind the scenes collections comprising some 25 million specimens and artefacts are the essential basis for the work of over 60 staff scientists. Their main fields of research cover a wide range of topics from the origins of our solar system and the evolution of animals and plants to human evolution, as well as prehistoric traditions and customs.

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Made by | Reference GoleGole | © CC 3.0
Made by | Reference | © CC 3.0

The Museum of Natural History (German: Naturhistorisches Museum), also known as the NHMW, is a large natural history museum located in Vienna, Austria. The museum’s website provides an overview in the form of a virtual tour.

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