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Grabas IO Schemovar

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The' landscape-image' made of clay was given a very original name. The name is a collection of letters and syllables from words that refer to the landscape. This way you can recognize the words grass, broom, sheep, heather, ferns. The insert' io' stands for large and powerful landscape. The silhouette represents the moor landscape with prints of grass, heathland, heath, broom,.... When you look closely, you see a sheep and a rabbit incorporated in the image.
This work is part of the 4 works of art that have enriched the Educational Nature Path Sint-Amandus since October 10,2006. They were designed and created by people from the psychiatric centre of Sint-Amandus during therapy sessions. They are linked to the 4 themes of the hike: forest, heathland, field pond and drift. The name of each work of art turned patients into stone. Sculpture was carried out under the supervision of scribe sculptor Janne Vergauwe.

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