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Dreeuwf '17-18

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The name' dreeuwf 17-18' is a combination of the terms 'dreef' (country road) and 'eeuw' (century) (17-18').
A 'dreef' is a country road with trees at each side.
Typical 'dreef'- landscapes are found in the Houtland. Place names such as Beverhoutsveld, Kampveld, etc. often refer to the former fields. From the second half of the 18th century onwards began the systematic exploitation of heathland or' fields'. The wild landscape was divided into rectangular plots of two to four hectares. Around these grounds came country roads ('dreef'). This created a landscape in a typical checkerboard pattern.
The best land was converted into fields and meadows. Land that was not suitable for agriculture was afforested. As a result, part of the original open field area was converted into a closed forest landscape. The wrought-iron work of art symbolises the exploitation period. The country roads were the access roads for farmers carts and are now orientation paths for bats. The rows of trees lead the animals from one forest area to another.

This work is part of the 4 works of art that have enriched the Educational Nature Path Sint-Amandus since October 10, 2006. They were designed and created by people from the psychiatric centre of Sint-Amandus during their therapy sessions. They are linked to the 4 themes of the hike: forest, heathland, field pond and country road. The name of each work of art was cut by the patients into stone. Sculpture was carried out under the supervision of writing sculptor Janne Vergauwe.

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