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Tower of Bérinzinne Malchamps

Viewpoint from tower

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As far as the structure is concerned, the tower was made of larch. The decking and access doors are made of oak. Located at an altitude of 570m, the tower, whose base is a square of 4m on the side, rests on 4 columns of smoothed concrete. The natural slate roof culminates at 24m. The construction is very slender; the height/width ratio is close to 6. This tower has two viewing platforms, one at a height of 10m and the other at 22m. 86 steps lead to the latter. These platforms measure 26m². They are offset 45° from the tower structure. They overflow the columns of the tower to allow a completely unobstructed panoramic view.

For reasons of safety and traffic flow, the tower has two stairs: one for the ascent and the other for the descent. It is only possible to pass from one staircase to another at the observation platforms. The tower is oriented according to the cardinal points, materialized on the ground by a rose of the winds of which it occupies the center.

A stone enclosure wall of the Warchenne (Malmedy) delimits an area that is closed by two oak doors.
The tower can thus be made inaccessible during the winter season or in severe weather conditions (strong wind, thunderstorms, fog, frost, snow). A small slate roof overlooks this wall on which stands benches, meeting place for walkers.

Domaine de Bérinzenne - Maison de la nature et parc:

Welcome centre and information center of the Bérinzenne parc, the Maison de la Nature occupies a privileged place in the heart of the forest of Spa, on the edge of the Fagne de Malchamps. Here you can find documents about the region and information on walks. The Maison de la Nature et de la Forêt also has a cafeteria, a nature shop and a multi-purpose room with many temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

The Maison de la Nature is surrounded by a welcoming park where you can stroll around. An alley of lime trees leads to the "Pierre Noé" Forest and Water Museum, while benches invite you to rest by the pond. Inhabited by carp, this body of water is bordered by yellow irises and pink water lilies that float lazily on its surface. A little higher up, a plurisecular elm cuts itself against the sky. The vast lawns are punctuated by clusters of trees or shrubs where the birdsong resonates cheerfully in spring.

You can take even more advantage of this environment by choosing to have a barbecue at the specially designed areas.

If you look at Malchamps, you will see a tower in the landscape. This tower built entirely out of wood, just on the edge of the fagne, will allow you to enjoy a spectacular view of the Spadoise region, even further if the weather allows it...

The Bérinzenne tower is also the starting point for several trails to discover a rich and varied ecological territory.

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