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Pont des soupirs Trois-Ponts


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Pont des soupirs - Trois-Ponts.
Trois-Ponts is located in the heart of three valleys where three watercourses flow through. With all this nature, the municipality really likes green tourism. Visitors can follow no less than seventeen signposted walks, three mountain bike paths and two horse trails. The municipality is also part of the Ravel network, with a 22-kilometre journey to Waimes along Stavelot and Malmedy.

In addition, Trois-Ponts is well known to the Compostellagangers, with Saint Jacobus, a religious edifice from the 7th century that still attracts the interest of archaeologists today.

It was not without reason that Trois-Ponts became the first municipality in Belgium with a safety mark system. In practice, this means that every beacon along the paths allows walkers to be located immediately when they are lost or have an accident. It is sufficient simply to call the 112 emergency number and give the number of the beacon so that the emergency services can get to the scene immediately, allowing valuable time to be saved.

The walkers will be spoiled in Trois-Ponts: at the top of the Tour Leroux (16 m 65 m), they will have an unforgettable view over the valleys of the Amblève and Salm valleys. There are also donkey rides. You can hire the services of this animal, which is also the symbol of this rural community.

Festive traditions

In addition to' classic' events organised by the municipality, such as carnival and heritage days, Trois-Ponts also initiates various annual festivities. First of all, a gourmet rally during the first weekend of June with visits to beautiful places and culinary discoveries: participants can taste a gourmet menu in one of the local restaurants of their choice.

The inhabitants of Trois-Ponts also take part in the celebration of St. Jacobus according to medieval tradition. The programme includes a flea market, the discovery of old crafts and populace ball. Finally, with Saint Hubertus (on November 3rd) the animals are blessed.

If you feel like it, you can also, for example, take a look at culture in the Museum of Wanne (' la maison vivante du temps qui passe'), where you get a clear picture of life in the past and now in the countryside. Also the church of Mary's Memorial in Basse-Bodeux - from the 18th century - is definitely worth a detour.

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