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The original work of art consisted of a chestnut wood palisade with a boat moored on it. The shape of the boat is derived from a folded boat as children do with paper. On and nearby the palisade you see water animals. The ambiance raises modesty, tranquility and meditation. The title refers to the type of landscape around the pond. All figures are constructed around wire mesh frame, covered with newsprint paper soaked in wallpaper glue. The weatherproof finish consists of crystal clear epoxy resin. The work of art is made by people with intellectual limitations.
In 2016, the boat disappeared or sank and there is not so much left of the animals.

During the Middle Ages fresh sea fish was difficult to bring to the interior land. In our region, the medieval man himself was responsible for his fish. Marshes were dammed up. This led to the creation of large field ponds. Carp was set off. When the fish was big enough for consumption, the dam was demolished and the fish could be caught. There were hundreds of these ponds in the' fields' or' washes'. These were large areas of poor land where agriculture was not possible. The system of these field ponds fell into disuse with the construction of the canal Bruges-Gent-Ostend (from the 18th century). Fresh sea fish could be supplied via the canal.
The artificial field pond you see here is used as an educational pool. Groups come with a guide to ladle water. This way you learn a lot about life in and around the pool. The grasslands around the pond are ecologically managed. There is a minimum of fertilization. The soil impoverishes and plants of poor soil establish themselves back. In this way, this wastine landscape is coming back into development.

This work is part of the 4 works of art that have enriched the Educational Nature Path Sint-Amandus since October 10,2006. They were designed and created by people from the psychiatric centre of Sint-Amandus during therapy sessions. They are linked to the 4 themes of the hike: forest, heathland, field pond and drift. The name of each work of art was carved out in stone by the patients. Sculpture was carried out under the supervision of scribe sculptor Janne Vergauwe.

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