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About Little Black Bike

About Little Black Bike

Cycling is our passion. Nothing makes us happier than being able to share this love with other women. We’ve come op with our finest ideas and best projects while out cycling with others. Pedaling the world to a better place? Yes, we can!

At Little Black Bike , we design cycling gear by and for women with an eye for fashion. Our mission is simple: to make you shine. Head to toe. After all, when you start your journey with confidence, half the race is already won. Turn every cycling adventure into an unforgettable journey. Your journey.

Little Black Bike also organises events, cycling tours and unforgettable day trips. Everything to make a female cyclist’s heart beat faster. Do you have a suggestion for us? Be sure to let us know! First and foremost, Little Black Bike wants to establish a close community of women with a shared love: cycling!

Little Black Bike… And the road is yours.

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