Sander Vancanneyt

Between the Feegletscher at Spielboden and Längfluh

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Author: Sander Vancanneyt

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Route description

This hike takes you to wonderful panoramic route to the Spielboden mountain station and Längfluh mountain station and is situated between two arms of the giant Feegletscher.

The route can be started at two locations, one is from Saas-Almagell like it's done here and the other option is to start in Saas-Fee. Because Saas-Fee is a car-free village you must park it outside the village in the large parking buildings. When starting in Saas-Almagell you can park the car when you enter the village and cross a small river on the left.
Once parked, packed and ready to go you'll head to the center of Saas-Almagell, just before the mall you go to the right in the direction of the bridge over the river. Once over the bridge you'll follow the big gravel road in the direction of Saas-Fee. We don't go through the center of Saas-Fee, we will take the path along a small bisse, this is just before you'll get to the big bridge in Saas-Fee and it's in the direction of "Felskin" on the yellow signs, you'll get immediately along the bisse and keep following it until your behind the village and see the magnificent glacier paradise.
Once you' back on a big gravel road we follow this one in the direction of Gletschergrotte/Spielboden/Längfluh. You can go along the ski pistes but there is a neat mountain trail with the white-red-white markings and that's what we will follow, it will lead you to a small mountain cabine. You'll notice that it's a good climb towards it and it won't get any better, behind the mountain cabin the real climb starts to Spielboden. Track is easy with no difficulties. Once at Spielboden you can rest out on the big terrace and freshen up for the next climb to Längfluh. Again we take the white-red-white markings which lead along a small mountain trail with better views, some parts are along a ski pistes. Once arrived at Längfluh you'll get the best view over the Fee glacier paradise.
To return you'll have two options, go back with the ski lifts to Saas-Fee or go back on foot.

Difficulty: T2 – Mountain Hikes

My experience:
I didn't have much luck while doing this hike. Clouds and fresh snow ruined most of the views but still it was a very beautiful hike. The views on the glacier are really amazing. Because of the snow (almost 30cm) near just below Längfluh i had to break up and return to Spielboden, i had zero visibility and it would be unsafe to go further. I'll defiantly return to do this hike agina with better weather because it's a must see these views from this location.

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