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Did you know that William I of the Netherlands had plans to annex part of Germany to the Netherlands! The border would then go to the left bank of the Rhine here in Koblenz. That idea resurfaced a century later, just after World War I. Belgium wanted to be compensated for the losses and destruction during the First World War. They did not sit at the table of the victors in the Salle d' Horloge in the Quai d' Orsay in Paris on January 18, 1919, but they were allowed to put their demands on the table. One of those requirements was an extension to the Rhine here in Germany. That would make Koblenz a Belgian city. But that "party" didn't happen. It turned out to be a little too drastic and too grandiose. Belgium would double in size and would have a gigantic German population, in addition to the Dutch-speaking and French-speaking populations.

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Koblenz, Koblenz, Germany

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