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The Mädelegabel is a 2,645 metre high mountain, made of dolomite, in the Allgäu Alps near Oberstdorf. It is one of the best-known and most-climbed high peaks in the German Alps, Within the Allgäu Alps it is the fourth-highest summit, with rock faces up to 400 metres high. Together with the Trettachspitze and the Hochfrottspitze it forms the famous triumvirate of peaks on the main crest of the Allgäu. Its name comes from Mähder - a mown mountain pasture in the vicinity - and gabel from the appearance of the triumvirate to the north which recalls a fork (German: Gabel). Originally the Mädelegabel was the name for all three peaks of the triumvirate; only later were they distinguished from one another by name.

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Copyright: CC 3.0

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