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The Mundenhof is located on the western edge of Freiburg im Breisgau, and is the smallest district in Freiburg, with only 46 residents. The zoo on the grounds of the Mundenhof is well-visited. The municipal garden center is also located on the grounds. The Mundenhof is one of many Green Spaces in Freiburg, which present a major factor in its reputation as a green city.
The earliest documented reference to the Mundenhof estate is from 12 September 864. This document was a deed of gift, in which the owner, a priest named Rumolt, bequeaths the Muntichova estate unto the Abbey of Saint Gall for agricultural use. From 1294 to 1806, the "Mundenhof" estate belonged to the monastery of Günterstal. The monastery was abolished as a result of secularization, and the Mundenhof was annexed by the Grand Duchy of Baden, which in turn sold it in 1808 to the University of Freiburg. In 1889, the city of Freiburg purchased a large part of the grounds for agricultural use. After that, the city also purchased a big area surrounding the Mundenhof to be used for the Freiburger Rieselfelder, a natural water purification plant, which was operated by people living in the Mundenhof. In 1920, this area had to be enlarged to 320 hectares. At that time it was one of the biggest farms in Baden-Württemberg. In its heyday, it had 400 cows that produced about 400,000 liters of milk. Additionlly, pig breeding and crop production were another means of making a living on the Mundenhof. In 1985, the water purification plant was stopped, and the Mundenhof lost one source of revenue. This and price deterioration made the farm uneconomical, so in order to survive, it was changed into a model ecological farm. This farm covers the demands of all the straw and food for the animals in the enclosure. In 1991, part of the Rieselfelder became the new district of Rieselfeld, covering 18 hectares. Another area was turned into the Rieselfeld nature conservation area, which is situated between Rieselfeld and the Mundenhof estate.


Copyright: CC 3.0

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