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Bremen cog or Bremer Kogge is a well-preserved wreck of a cog dated to 1380, found in 1962 in Bremen. Today it is displayed at the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven as one of the main features. Three nearly identical replicas of this cog have been built: Ubena von Bremen, Hansekogge and Roland von Bremen.
On 8 October 1962 wooden fragments of a ship were found in the Weser River during dredging operations. They turned out to be remnants of a cog that seems to have sunk during a storm flood after drifting away from a shipyard before completion. Until then cogs had only been known from medieval documents and seals. Based on the dendrochronological analysis of the oak timber from which the cog was built the ship was dated to about 1380 AD.


Copyright: CC 3.0

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