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Batalla de MBattle of Moors and Christians in Retorta

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Historical event
Location type: Historical event
Number of texts: 1
3 stars
Made by | Reference | © All rights reserved
Made by | © All rights reserved

This battle represents the war between Moors and Christians for the image of San Antonio at the end of July in the field of Da Ribeira, next to the River Támega.
The battle between both factions originated for the possession of the image of A Retorta patron, San Antonio who symbolically intercedes in this fiction in favour of the Christian faction. The event has two main factions, i.e. the Christians and the Moors, with 15 people on each side plus the harem which accompanies the Moorish King, all of them richly dressed in historical garments. During the representation, the barefoot Moors armed with scimitars cross meadows the River Támega to meet the Christian troop accompanying the saint’s procession. The Moorish army, always more numerous, with cannon watchers and a female entourage, dressed for the occasion who accompany the leader as a harem. During the performance group battle scenes with deep-rooted tradition in the Peninsula are enacted, recalling the battles of the Reconquest, using the village as a stage.
At the time of the clash, a rhymed dialogue is established between the Christian captain and the Moor, with victory always going to the Christian faction. In this feast there is no age limit, and the inhabitants of Retorta and Arcucelos join to form the two groups.

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