Puente de la Barqueta - Seville

Source: Willem Vandenameele

The Barqueta Bridge spans the Guadalquivir River .

It is one of the main accesses to the northern part of Isla de la Cartuja and is close to the Science and Technology Park and the Isla Magica theme park. It connects La Cartuja with La Resolana and with the historic center at the San Clemente Monastery.

Designed as an arch bridge, the bridge was built between 1989 and 1992 to provide access to the site of the 1992 World's Fair. Its construction was financed by the Mapfre company, which gave the name to the bridge, although the bridge was built from the start Puente de la Barqueta (Barqueta Bridge) was mentioned even in municipal publications.

The bridge was built on land and later turned to its final location with the help of barges.

It was built as a pedestrian bridge to go from the historic center to the Cartuja, but with the plan to adapt it to traffic once the Universal Exhibition was over.

It consists of a 214 m steel arch whose ends on each side form a triangular portico, braced to support the 168 m long deck, the only supports of which are four vertical supports at a distance of 30 m above the banks of the river , without other intermediate supports and with a width of 21.40 m. The triangular porticos absorb the axial force of the arch and serve as a visual "gateway" to the entrance to Expo 92, the theme park and the technology park.


Source: Willem Vandenameele - Wikipedia

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